Something to talk about

Picture thanks too NYDailyNews

We are living through strange times. When lock down was first introduced I thought it may last a few weeks. Ever the optimist I should have realized that reality would be different. In those countries most badly affected lock down has lasted much longer and the Chancellor’s commitment to support furlough until the end of June, at least initially, should have sent me a clear signal. The extension until the end of October may a portent.

There have been many things that I have missed during this period. I covered most of them in my ‘A to Z challenge’ with Y for Yearning but there is one of them I have come to realise is of growing importance. Last week was particularly depressing for me though I have nothing to complain about. I think it was the expectation running up to the Prime Minister’s statement and the disillusionment from realising that nothing much has changed.

And that is the issue. I am struggling with not having something new to talk about. All of our conversations at home are either about COVID-19, the government’s response to the virus, the coverage of it on television or how lucky we are not to be suffering from its effects. I am sick of talking about it, sick of reading about it and sick of hearing about it. It is the only topic of conversation.

Of course I feel guilty for having such thoughts as there are many who have been devastated by the disease.

In more normal times there are always new things to entertain us, new people or new experiences to enjoy. There are other subjects to start a conversation about and new interests to pique our attention. Boredom is becoming a significant issue and I fear for our mental well being. At least the garden centres have been allowed to open which gives us the subject of horticulture to consider.

It may be harsh but I am bored with COVID-19. I need something else to talk about.

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