Cast into the web

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This virus has made me rethink my approach to work. What little I have left (though for some reason I am extremely busy) is having to be done in different ways. There are no more face to face meetings and events to present at and so I have had to move online.

For the first time in my life I have delivered a webinar! 

I have swung into virgin territory for me, running a fortnightly live CyberNorth cybersecurity webinar and a weekly recorded ‘In Conversation’ on a similar subject. So far they have gone reasonably well though the live webinars have had some tense technical issues. We have recorded them and so there is always the opportunity to go back and revisit them.

Each one has followed the same format, two speakers of about 10-15 minutes with questions after. The questions are asked through a chat feature and I pose them to the speakers, otherwise managing all the participants would be a nightmare.

The ‘In Conversation’ is a little easier as it is not live. I agree with my interlocutor the general questions in advance, not so they can have a fixed answer but rather that they are not a surprise. Again they have gone well though I manage to make some sort of howling error in each one. They feel very natural and it is great to hear people speak passionately about their own story.

At first I had to ask people to get involved in both ideas but now have a range of contacts eager to get involved. I have enough to keep going for a couple of months and am wondering whether to keep them going when things return to what we consider normal.

We’ll see. Arranging the webinars has been quite stressful, less so for the ‘In Conversation’, but then probably less stressful than a physical equivalent. I guess it depends upon what the attendees want though I suspect that online events will be in the mix for a while to come.

You can view them though Dynamo’s YouTube channel, through ISN’s web page or through my LinkedIn page.

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