Thinking of the future

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Let’s face it, I work as a management consultant which means that most of my work is about the future, helping people and companies to think about structures and governance and strategy, all the things that will help them going forward. 

Today though, there is very little thought about the future. Understandably and quite rightly there is an immediacy to what needs to be done. People are more concerned with having a future than necessarily planning for one.

My work, therefore and like many others has seen a sudden and dramatic reduction. It hasn’t stopped but the next few months look very bleak. I’m not after sympathy, I and my family are in a much better position than many and my thoughts go out to those worse off.

What is to be done then? How can I balance the exceptional situation where I have lots of time and little, work wise, to do? I have decided that I need to do two things, firstly to think how I can keep my messages going  using technology and secondly to concentrate on a time when we will have got through this. 

I am still pressing ahead with planning for #CyberFest in September by which time we will hopefully be back to some semblance of order. Apart from the obvious I do have concerns that a lot of activity will be crammed into the same time once things get going again. People’s attitudes and focus will be on getting their income back and events may be low on their priority.

I am going to try and put on some online cyber related events. This is something I have never done before and so the first few will no doubt be rough. Content is not going to be a problem as plenty of people have said they would get involved but I will need help getting it out online. 

If you can help me in any way, I would love to hear from you.

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