My favourite CyberFest event

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Picture thanks to @digidrummer

I expect to get a few blogs out of this year’s #CyberFest, indeed I’m surprised that this is the first seeing that it is at least two weeks old. I guess my head has been down trying to visit, organise, speak at and generally deliver the events.

A couple of people have asked me, during our conversations, what my favourite event has been so far. This is an unfair question, it’s a bit like asking who is your favourite child. In truth I have loved them all, each one has been different and special in its own way.

I loved the Durham event as it was the first and there was some fantastic engagement with the audience, most of whom were small business owners, the very people who we need to address.

I loved the ISC2 event the following day as it was filled with technical people who are at the sharp end of the cyber security industry.

Of course I loved the Teesside event. The speakers were fantastic with the right mix of fun and fact and there was a good audience.

It goes without saying that I loved the flagship all day event at Newcastle. Getting NCSC to speak was a coup (of the good sort), and the rest of the speakers were brilliant. I never realised how many people I know.

As for the Friday event at Communicate, I loved that too, it was a different audience and great to get more people talking about such an important subject.

I loved the event at Northumbria with North East Initiative on Business Ethics. I don’t think I have ever been to an event where the conversation between the panel and the audience was so good.

I wasn’t at the Public Sector event on Wednesday as I am no longer in that sector but I’m sure I would have loved it if I had been.

There you have it, seven events so far, all different and in their own way special. By the time I publish this I will be in my eighth event and I am sure it will be the apple of my eye.

I love them all. Roll on #CyberFest 2020.

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