Rent in twain


The veil of the Temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom.

Brexit has rent this country in two. Gone are the traditional party lines of boss versus worker, white versus blue collar and in has come a new schism. You are either a leaver or a remainer. 

The referendum of 2016 has transformed the political map of the United Kingdom. It has destroyed our understanding of the party political system that we have known in this country for decades and it may end up destroying politics itself. We are fast becoming a Divided Kingdom and Brexit may end up shattering the union. Who knows?

This is a huge problem for our party  system. The Conservative and Labour parties both have strong contingents of people who want to leave the European Union and people who want to remain. They can’t be all things to all people. It is an impossible trick to pull off. Both parties are caught in a bind, by coming down on one position they risk alienating their voters on the other side of the divide. By remaining in the middle they do the same and, even worse, they are seen as dithering and out of touch. 

Parties which have a clear position on the great divide are picking up members and these may well turn into votes. This has led the two main parties to reassess their position, with one apparently coming back towards the centre ground and the other lurching off to the extremities.

It is going to be difficult to return to some sense of normality and it will certainly take time.  My hope is that something good comes out of all this turmoil, perhaps a less divided, more representative type of politics that seeks compromise that benefits the whole population. One can only live in hope.

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