The New European



I am continuing my peregrinations into the printed media. On a periodic basis, though not as regularly as I would like, I have been visiting my local newsagent or supermarket to buy a newspaper. I have not gone for the same paper, instead buying those which I have not bought before or in a long time. I was never a big fan of the media and so finding something new has not been a challenge. 

I have become convinced that a free and inquisitive press is fundamental to democracy and am making a conscious effort to support it. I am also acutely aware that I have my own opinions and I should at least be aware of what others are thinking and saying. It is healthy to challenge oneself.

So far, if my memory serves we well (it usually doesn’t) I have tried the Independent, Telegraph, Times and Guardian, not necessarily in that order. I have avoided the tabloids so far.

This time, when I was up at my local Sainsbury’s, I looked to the lower shelves for my choice, those papers that don’t have the mass circulation. I was faced with the New European or the Morning Star and plumped, in this instance, for the former. 

I had seen the New European referred to on Twitter but hadn’t realised that it was a printed weekly publication. The copy I bought had an ominous 1 written in the top right hand corner circled in red pen. I suspect that this is the number of copies they order.

Anyway, I got it home, read it and really enjoyed it, the news bits at least. I am less bothered by the reviews. The articles were well written, informative and entertaining, though it is clear which camp I am most comfortable with. If I have one criticism, it is that I don’t like name calling. By all means call out people’s beliefs and opinions, offer alternatives and critique, but please refrain from abusive or insulting language. At times it can be very funny but, in my opinion, debases an argument.

I liked the New European. Would I buy it again? Yes. I wonder what I will choose next.

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