Something always happens when I present

me presenting

I deliver a lot of presentations. Even now that I have left more formal employment they are something I get involved in. My work with the Dynamo cyber cluster, in particular, has lead to a rich vein of opportunity to stand on stage and spout my stuff.

I have always said that I am not sure they are something I am good at. I am certainly passable, even reasonable and everyone knows that I try but I am not a natural speaker. I wish I was and I envy those that seem to have an innate ability.

The god of presentations is trying to warn me because something always happens when I get up to speak. I can trace the warning all the way back to my eldest daughter’s wedding a couple of years ago. Despite repeated practice the music that accompanied my slideshow refused to be loud enough to be heard. Perhaps it was the size of the room though a few people did sing along and so it wasn’t that bad.

A few weeks ago I started to present using notes that were for a different presentation and again I think I recovered.

My latest calamity happened when I stood up to present at a Security Institute Group meeting. I should have suspected something when the presentation started in the middle and I had to click back to the beginning. Unfortunately it went downhill from there. With almost every push on the button of the presentation clicker (yes that is what they are called) it would jump three of four slides ahead. It was if I had to do the presentation over and over again. I would have used the laptop instead of the clicker only it was hidden away behind the projector screen.

Once again, I made it to the end but it felt like an uphill battle. Of course the next speaker didn’t have the same problem and so I can only presume it was my shaky hand or my magnetic personality.

Fortunately my next presentation is at Newcastle Startup Week and so I have a bit of time to iron this latest issue. Fingers crossed for the audience that everything goes right then.

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