Smartphones? For how long?

Other Smartphones are available

It is the future. How we laugh at the thought of people typing things into computers. They used to sit there at wooden desks, in adjustable chairs, interfacing with their device at the speed of tapping. Those who were good typists could get a good speed going while the rest of them had to keep going back and correct their mistakes.

Of course now we all talk into our smartphones, or our wearable gadgets or a small device that glows in the corner of the room. We even talk to our cars and television remote controllers. How the world has changed. We are all so modern.

The speaker at the Unit4 conference in Harrogate said that voice n to Smartphones and devices is the way forward. But for how long? Voice may be the main interface tool for a long time to come, at least until thought transference is possible but how long a shelf life do our devices have? One day we will laugh at having a Smartphone and the way that they dictated our lives.

Even further into the future will we have some other way of living and working with our tech?

Will we laugh at the thought of a Smartphone? We will be amused at the number of times we had  to touch them, the levels of security we had to suffer and the increasing rate of inbuilt obsolescence. We will certainly be amused at how they dominated our waking hours. They demand as much care as a Tamagotchi.

This is another example how we are trapped into a way of thinking. Developments in technology are quantum rather than linear. Our focus today is on the technologies we have and it is very difficult to see what may be just over the horizon yet it will happen. Some new technology will be invented. The future will have arrived and it will seem like the answer to all of our problems.

I wonder what it will be.

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