The wedding planner


I can talk about it now. The wedding that occupied so much of my time last year has come and gone. It has been a year. The months of planning and running around have stopped and the nightmares of impending doom and disaster are gradually fading. For some odd reason they happened even more after the joyous occasion. I would wake up in a cold sweat only to remind myself that the day had gone without a hitch – well one hitch if you pardon the pun.

This blog is not about the wedding day itself, though it could not have gone better, but rather about how I dived into the tech to try and arrange events. Some pick up a pen and paper when trying to organise while I sorted it all out on the Chromebook. This is what I do. The spreadsheet is the go to tool for me to organise myself and my actions.

Though I say it myself, I think that my approach to arranging the guests at the wedding breakfast was a work of art. This is always one of the most fraught jobs of the wedding plans. Who should sit next to who needs to reflect the relationship to the bride and groom, their parents and take into account the inevitable factions that exist within families, especially when two are coming together.

I categorised each guest by three criteria: Which side of the family they are on (bride or groom); Their proximity to the bride and groom (A for very close family, the top table, B for close family and C for more distant relatives and friends); Their age (Y for those of a similar age to the bride and groom or younger, M for those of the parents age and O for those of the grandparents age).

Using this information I was able to lay out the table plan, fanning out in importance away from the top table, making sure that the older and younger people were sitting with each other. Only the odd adjustment was required to avoid the breakout of war and the job was done.

There must be an app for that.

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