Clash of the WiFi


I am suffering from a modern problem, something that just didn’t happen a few short months ago, something that reflects the way that I, and many others, live their lives today. Stand on the corner of any city street and you will see the majority of people scurrying along looking at, listening to or talking into their phones. With their heads down it is amazing that there aren’t more accidents as people bump into each other.

The problem is, however, to do with WiFi connections rather than a likely clash of bodies. When smartphones were relatively new and some cafes started to make free WiFi available I would make sure that I captured the login details and password of everyone that I visited, just in case I came back.

I visit a lot of cafes and I have a lot of WiFi details stored in my phone and this was a real benefit for saving my data allowance. Now I have too many, so many in fact that it is becoming a nuisance.

Now when I walk through the streets of Newcastle my phone is constantly asking me to log into this or that network and by the time I get around to it I am either out of range or into an area covered by another hotspot.

During these times my phone, in effect does not work at all. I can still ring people but my data will not sync. Of course I could switch off my WiFi but then I will forget to put it back on and the next time I look I will have used the bulk of my allowance in a day. I could also not look at my phone and stop worrying that I will have missed that vital piece of information during the ten minute walk from one meeting to the next.

Perhaps the WiFi is trying to tell me something. Look at my phone only when I am standing still. Even ringing someone while walking can be difficult as I am quickly out of breath. I will just have to put up with the loss in productivity.

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