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I’m out and about a lot now, Guerrilla Working to the max. I don’t have anywhere to call my own other than home of course. I have achieved the ultimate in a nomadic working style. It is truly liberating. Wherever I lay my Chromebook is my office, in coffee shops, libraries and forgotten corners of other people’s spaces.

Everything usually works well. Being on my own is not a problem yet when I need to meet up with someone, the question of where raises its head. Privacy is more of an issue. Meeting somewhere surrounded by people is easy but getting away from the noise of the madding crowd can be impossible.

Yet there are plenty of empty rooms. In every building that I have ever been in there are always rooms that are empty, either permanently or temporarily.

Is there an opportunity for a meeting space app, one which brings demand and supply together? I’ve checked on play store and there are somethings that are similar but not as niche as I would like. There are plenty of apps that allow you to manage your own meeting space and others such as Regus which allow you to book space that is designed to be hoteled.

What I am after is a much more free form arrangement, more Uber, more Airbnb, where people with space can offer it to those who need it. Something that uses those spare corners or vacant rooms. A guerrilla approach to office accommodation.

The future of work is through greater collaboration and co-creation. What better way of getting interaction between different people than by having new thinking and new ideas in your premises. Your wasted space can become the catalyst for creativity and the spark for opportunity generation. Or am I just getting carried away? Any takers?

As it happens a couple of kind people have offered me drop down space.

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