A planned approach

centralbean2I have a planned approach to filling my time now that I have left my last job.  I want to do a mix of things, as yet unspecified and therein lies the challenge.  I don’t want to box myself into something too early as there may be more interesting, more exciting and even more lucrative offers elsewhere.

Of course there may be nothing at all yet it is still early days and I am filled with optimism for the future.

I have started by taking the time to meet up with a lot of people who I have met throughout the last few years and who have helped me to deliver what I have been working on.  I have a lot of questions to ask them about how they organised themselves and got into positions which, at least to me, seem like where I want to get to.  Simon Goon, MD of Business Durham told me that the local business community people  are extremely generous with their time and their advice.  He is right.

It was for this reason that I find myself in some of my favourite coffee haunts.  I am going to fill up a few loyalty cards if this carries on.  Latté fuels the world of a prospective consultant.

I met with Justin.  We had done some work together around Lean Startups and that is definitely an appropriate topic to cover.  He had put a lot of effort into preparing for what I thought was going to be a chat and I felt a bit embarrassed.  A bit of miscommunication perhaps?

After our get together Justin was meeting up with Fenwick.  I have never met him before but he is interested in exploring potential joint opportunities.  

One relationship leads to another and this is the way the world works.

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