26 Deadly sins L is for so Last fortnight

A2Z-BADGE-100 [2017]Throughout the month of April, I am going to be using the A-Z blogging challenge to update the seven deadly sins with my suggested twenty six more modern versions.  It would seem that to sin is not a modern invention though these days there are so many more ways to be inventive.

L is for so last fortnight.  One of the issues that we face today is that we err…  Where was I?  Ah yes, we can’t concentrate.  We have the attention span of a goldfish. Twitter tells us that one hundred and forty characters is a novel.  Vine tells us that six seconds is a movie.  Snapchat turns our lasting memories into a one use affair.  Tinder turns decisions about life long relationships into the swipe of a finger.  Left for no and right for yes. Apparently.

We don’t laugh anymore, we LOL or ROFL if it is really funny.  Everything is rushing forward.  Time is being compressed.  No sooner have the green shoots of spring sprung than the autumn fashions are in the shops.  Easter eggs appear on Boxing Day along with the adverts for next year’s holiday.  Kids become teenagers by the age of four and you have to have made your first million by the age of twelve.

A new smartphone appears in the shops every ten days and the model you have in your hand suddenly looks so outdated. You are so last fortnight.  We try and cheat time with devices and programmes and we end up tying ourselves in knots.

Thou shalt not try and cheat time.

5 thoughts on “26 Deadly sins L is for so Last fortnight

  1. Hi Phil, do you mean we can’t burn the candle at both ends? No multi-tasking? No talking on the phone as you skim the headlines while answering colleagues on IM? 🙂

    Great post! Thanks for slowing us down.

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