A conference missed and a day gained

I would like to have gone down to the Socitm conference this year but I was just too busy.  It is a lame excuse I know as what makes me busy is, in large part, within my own control.  I am busy because I choose to get involved in things when I could delegate them or simply say no.  I’m busy therefore I am.  That is who I am though.

On reflection I think it was the trip to Milton Keynes that turned me off.  It is not the easiest of places to get to without driving.  The train trip form Newcastle is between four and a quarter hours and five and a quarter and the thought of a day without anything to do other than to crack on with some thinking and reports was too appealing.

I am sorry if anyone was expecting me to be there.  Maybe next year.

I did make good use of my time however.  I got a lot of those things off my plate yet I am sure most of them will bounce back with a response or two.  I worked on laying out our strategic priorities over the next few years and improving my understanding of the operational tasks that would make these a reality.

I started on a draft report to propose a direction for the council to deal with the ever changing landscape in the education market before passing this onto a colleague who agreed to help me with it and I thought about how we were going to make the Strategic ICT Group into something that resembles anything useful

I thought about the ICT Offer that we would be making to the Council as part of its new approach to accommodation by imagining myself walking through the new building and thinking of the opportunities to use technology or not. The fact I had my eyes shut at this stage should not make you think that I wasn’t fully engaged.  After that I gave some attention to the upcoming Hackathon in January.

Finally, I thought about the opportunity to do some guest lecturing at a local university.  You never know when that might come in handy.

I probably could have done most of this on the train down to Milton Keynes but sometimes you just have to say I’m sorry but no.

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