Day four of the ‘Blogging from A-Z Challenge’  and I’ve made a quick and unscientific assessment of the number of left handed people in my team.  None of those who report directly to me are of that persuasion.  I’m not sure if it was in the essential criteria part of the selection process.

Of the whole management team there is only one person who is left-handed so that is about seven per cent.

All of the rest are dexterous, skilful or adroit in the use of their hands or body, the very opposite of all of those left handed ones.  A quick trawl of the synonyms for right-handedness gives a much more positive picture than for the sinister brethren.  Apparently we are (I’m still counting myself amongst them for reasons which will become apparent) skilful, smooth and sophisticated.  We are professional in our approach, sharp (as a button as my mother in law used to say), quick as a flash, knowing and very wise. We are shrewd in our business dealings and deft at construction.  Who wouldn’t want to be one of us?

OK, so we may be a little glib from time to time,                off-hand, thoughtless, superficial and insincere but that’s a small price to pay when dealing with perfection.  We may also show signs of being sly which can be both positive (cunning or wily) and negative (mischievous or roguish).  When I compare the list of characteristics of the right-handed members of the population with those of the left side there is no comparison.  It is like chalk and cheese, black and white, good and evil.

The opposite of being right is wrong.

Handedness is not a straight forward issue.  I find that I use my left hand for many things during the day without thinking.  That is the point, trying to force myself to think about what I am doing.  (I’m told I think too much.)  I even lean across my right side to turn off a tap, for example, with my left hand if my right hand is otherwise occupied.  It is not as straight forward as using one hand or the other or even having a preference.  The real issue appears when something needs to be done that is awkward and needs dexterity.  It is then that the preferred hand is proffered.

Even then it is not simple.  Brian is left handed and has his computer mouse on the left side of the key board.   He uses his left hand to move the cursor around the screen.  He hasn’t switched the mouse buttons round though.  The right button still opens the options dialogue box.  Apparently he was tempted but this made it difficult when working with other people’s computers.  Shifting the mouse to one side was easy but reconfiguring the mouse buttons was a step too far.

I can’t say that my foray into Left-handedness has been an easy journey so far.  Here are a few things that have been taxing me: making food; getting dressed; having a shave.  I’ll cover these in future blogs.

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