International calendar alignment

You know what happens, you get your diary organised, management meetings, opportunities to meet with suppliers time to work with customers and the odd space to talk to your team.  Oh and don’t forget some time for yourself to get that all important work done.  Your calendar is looking good with everything neatly colour coordinated and blocked out with all the right people invited to the right events.

Then someone comes along and selfishly puts an appointment in the middle of it all, something important and something that you really ought to or would like to go to.  They’ve messed up your calendar, messed up your schema and certainly messed up your karma.  It’s like they’ve put a moustache on the Mona Lisa.  Don’t they know how hard you have worked to get your life in order?  Can’t they see the beautiful way that you have arranged your appointments with a laser-like precision?  Haven’t they marvelled at your own self-discipline and foresight?  Clearly not!

So what do you do?  Well, you can make a decision whether to go or not and whether to accept their kind invitation or not.  If you do then you are going to have to rearrange  that meeting and probably several more and this will in turn mess up the lives of all of the people you have invited as they will have to rearrange things and un-invite people and it will go on and on until the whole mess spirals out of control.

Instead of all this, how about we have an International Calendar agreement, perhaps even a concordat that is recognised by international treaty and backed by the United Nations?

It’s quite simple, all we need to do is to agree that one day of the week, a Wednesday perhaps but I’ll not get hung up about it, which can only be used to arrange meetings and to do things that affect your immediate team.  You will not be allowed, by law, to invite anyone to a meeting or a conference or a symposium or even to lunch.  To do so would be a breach of the invitees human rights and would result in a prison sentence or a large fine.  Transgressors would be made an example of, held up as social pariahs, lambasted on social media with their pictures on every tea time news bulletin around the globe.  In future inappropriate meetings would become as unacceptable as bear baiting.  There would be no breaches with the possible exception of a Godzilla attack.

I think I’m onto something here.  I need to get a group of like-minded people together to work up a proposal to put to our political representatives.  I’ll get onto it straight away, all I need to do is arrange a meeting.

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