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I guess we will never know if the Home Secretary did or did not abuse her position regarding a speeding fine. The Prime Minister has decreed that there will be no investigation into the matter. I doubt though that this will make the issue go away.

On the steps of Downing Street Sunak vowed to disperse the whiff of sleaze that lingered around Downing Street and “lead the world” in “standards of integrity, decency and leadership.”. How’s that going?

Of course this has nothing to do with a speeding fine. Driving over the limit is wrong. It is dangerous and the limits are there for a reason, yet there are a lot of people who have had fines and have continued to be valuable members of society. Yes, I am one of them. The real issue, which has been lost in the obfuscation, is the abuse of her position, involving publicly paid employees to address a personal matter. Did she or didn’t she?

It is clear that Braverman is untouchable, for now at least. She is a proven breaker of the Ministerial Code yet was returned to office a mere 6 days after being forced to resign. Such a short period in the wilderness was hardly long enough for her to atone for her sins or even give them due consideration.

Sunak clearly needs to have her and who she presents on side. The Conservative party is falling apart in front of his eyes and he is desperate to cling on to some sort of stability. Factions have always been part of the Tory party, the ironically named European Research Group being the most visible until recently. Now there is the National Conservatives and the Conservative Democratic Organization to contend with. The recent National Conservative conference had Braverman as one of its main speakers, along with other prominent members. They are quite blatant about their opposition.

It is open season for anyone with an axe to grind within the Conservative ranks. These are the last days of Rome. A speeding fine is the least of their problems.

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