It had to happen

For over eleven years now I have been writing this blog. I started with five days a week and, when I semi-retired, went down to three times to reflect the number of days I was working. Ever since the first time that someone read my blog, which wasn’t until a week or so after I started, someone has read my blog every day. Christmas day, New Year’s day and every other day in between.

The numbers of reads have not been that great but who cares. All in all they add up to just under 110,000 which seems a sizable number. I have been read by people in countries all over the world. My best year was back in 2021 when we were in COVID, if I remember, then last year was back down to levels seen in previous years. 

It seems to me that there is a steady decline in my readership and I am putting this down to the decreasing number of times I write, plus the fact that I meet fewer people now and my star is not shining so bright. It could also be that what I say is of less interest. Who knows, it is probably a combination of many things.

In the end though it had to happen. There was a day when nobody read my blog. Not one solitary soul. It was a Sunday at the start of half term and these could have been contributory factors but again, who cares? 

What is the issue, it’s happened now and I have to get over it? The thing is, I said to myself that when this happened I would think about giving up writing the blog altogether. On reflection that seems a bit drastic. It is quite a commitment however, not in thinking of topics to write about but carrying out the small amounts of research and putting fingers to the keyboard. In truth, I write because I enjoy it and so should not care about the number of reads. I need to get the balance back however, between being a chore and being a pleasure.

Starting next month, I’m going down to twice a week, again to reflect the days I am trying to work. This of course will reduce my content and I can look forward to many more days where nobody turns up.

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