Integrity and accountability

Sunak stood on the steps of 10 Downing Street and pledged to bring integrity and accountability back to the government in recognition of the dubious and undoubtedly corrupt practices of his predecessors. It wasn’t long though before his proclamation was in tatters as he brought back the disgraced and discounted Braverman into office. No doubt his hands were tied in that he needed to keep the right wing of the party, the ironically named ERG for example, on board.

She is up to her old tricks again. Still dreaming of sending migrants on a plane to Rwanda she has now scraped the barrel by refusing to apologise to a holocaust survivor for her inflammatory and incendiary language. Such language stirs up hatred and she knows what she is doing. Indeed at the constituency meeting, members of the audience jeered at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution for having the audacity to save people’s lives at sea. For some reason the Home Office has got involved, trying to cancel the videos that were circulating. 

What is worse though is the story that has been rumbling on for some time regarding Zahawi’s tax affairs. The current Chairman of the Conservative Party and Minister without Portfolio, sitting in the centre of government, has been found to have short changed the Inland Revenue to the tune of £3 million.

Why is he still in government? How does this fit in with integrity and accountability? You have to wonder why people give up lucrative jobs to become politicians and I presume it is something to do with power and influence. 

Zahawi was Chancellor for a very brief period and so should have known better. How can we trust anyone with the country’s finances if they can’t be trusted with their own?

Nobody should be allowed to be a MP if they are evading tax. It is questionable that anyone should be a MP if they are using tax avoidance schemes. Why should anyone pay tax if those who set the rates do their best to avoid it. They are taking us for fools.

Far from being a government of integrity and accountability, Sunak’s government is a moral vacuum. It is time that we had a written constitution with clear rules to abide by if you want to be in parliament. One of those rules should be that you pay your taxes.

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