Archy from Etsy

I have said many times that I believe in the goodness of people and that good will ultimately triumph over bad. I am going to leave you this year then with a tale that shows there are still good and decent people out there.

It’s Christmas time and so this is a Christmas story. For the last few years, to avoid everyone having to make a fool of themselves, one side of the family decided that we would do a secret santa. A maximum price was determined and a lottery drawn (using an app) which decided who should buy a gift for whom. It worked well for a few years, though this year, for one reason or another that side of the family couldn’t get together. In the end we decided to try and do something at Easter.

No get together meant no secret santa which meant that potentially, my mother would be without a gift.

This left me in a bit of a bind, Christmas day was fast approaching and I wanted to get something that would mean something to her and so I turned to Etsy. There are so many amazing gift ideas there. After some time searching I ordered something from Archy Scottie as my mother had had scotties in the past. I placed my order and crossed my fingers in the hope that it would arrive in time.

I received a note to say ‘Hi, will be posted first class for you today, please note Royal Mail are experiencing delays at the moment.’ This was expected but then less than an hour and a half later I got another note to say ‘Hiya, I paid extra and shipped special for you. Merry Christmas.’ I certainly hadn’t expected that and I wrote back to say that I would be happy to pay the difference, something I could have done anyway but my offer was refused. By way of acceptance and to assuage my guilt, I said that I would tell everyone. The goods duly arrived and so here I am.

It was a small gesture yet gratefully received. It showed thought for their customer and put reputation and satisfaction ahead of profit. It made me feel good.

If you or anyone you know is into scottie dogs and is in need of a gift then you  know where to go. You won’t be disappointed.

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