A handmade tale 

Even in the world of Postcrossing there are different spheres of interest. I have blogged at least once before about this fascinating project that encourages people to send postcards to others around the world. Since I started I send one a week, with the application selecting someone at random to be the lucky recipient. I am on number 85 and this week I received three cards, one from Finland and two from Germany.

I have sent or received cards from 33 different countries and so there is still a lot to go. The USA, Germany and Russia are the most frequent and it seems that it is principally a northern hemisphere idea. I haven’t received anything from Africa, as yet.

I love the small insights into people’s lives that you get. You have perhaps one hundred words to get your message across. Some are brief and some try to squeeze their life story into a small space. Writing postcards is an art in itself.

Each picture tells its own story. Sometimes they are traditional cards showing local scenery but others are more quirky with book quotes, slogans or other objects of interest. I wonder if the choice of card reflects the personality of the sender. Sometimes their charisma shines through while others are more circumspect. My own cards are often bought at random and so perhaps it is not always the case. 

Occasionally I receive a handmade card and this is one of the biggest controversies in the Postcrossing world. In your personal blurb you can state the types of cards that you like to receive. Some people have extensive lists and I always try to send something approximating to their wishes. These lists nearly always have a reference to handmade cards with some people loving them and others a no-no. I don’t ask for anything specific and am happy to receive anything.

This week my card is going to the USA. The recipient is a writer and so I am sending him a card I picked up in a second hand shop in Alnwick. I hope it brightens his day.

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