Awful people

Image thanks to Sky News

I have never met them and I doubt I ever will but there seems to be some awful people at the top of the Conservative party. They seem to be callous, uncaring and lack empathy for others’ misfortunes. Indeed I would say they come across as cruel and heartless.

I don’t know if it is deliberate or unintentional, nor do I know which is worse. To come across as cruel maybe a dog whistle to a section of their base. Playing to the crowd is what they do in politics and no doubt a focus group has led them down that path. If it is unintentional then heaven help us if this is the murk that dwells in their subconscious.

Suella Braverman comes to mind unfortunately with two examples from the party conference.

The first is her Christmas wish that a plane will take off for Rwanda filled with failed asylum seekers. I am not religious but am at a loss to know how this fits in with peace and good will to all men. After all, getting on your bike and looking for work is a Tory trope but it seems getting in a boat to improve their lives is an anathema. Remember that 76% of people who make the dangerous trip across the Channel have their application approved.

The second is her tired accusation that people in receipt of benefits are lazy and shirkers. About 40% of people on benefit are in work and have their paltry wages subsidised by the taxpayer. A similar number of people are unfit to work. That doesn’t leave many swinging the lead.

It is a myth that if you work hard you do well. The vast majority of people who I have met work hard, some very hard. Some have done very well financially while others scrape by. I have also met very well off people who are absolute skivers. Becoming rich usually does take hard work yet also a good support network, a level of innate skill and a good deal of luck.

Tesla worked very hard, was very inventive but broke.

Watching her spout these poisonous cliches leaves me very sad for humanity. I don’t know if I am sadder for those that harbour such ill will or for those that think voting for such policies will make their lives any better. Come on people, where is your sense of decency?

There seem to be some awful people at the top of the Conservative party. Are they really or are they just pandering to their populist notions?

These are the last days of Rome.

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