Dear Ms Truss

Dear Ms Truss, congratulations on your new role as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I wish you every success. I imagine you have a lot on your plate but I thought it would be useful to give you a few pointers. 

Firstly as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, you have a responsibility to all citizens and not just those who have elected you. This includes those to the left of your thinking, which may indeed be most of us. Remember that the Tory party might have a majority in the house but it has a minority of the votes of the electorate under our perverse electoral system.

It would help if you were to put a stop to this phoney war on woke, where everybody who disagrees with you is made either to liberal or a lefty. Differences of opinion and disagreements are a fundamental part of democracy, something you said you wished to uphold in your first speech to the public on the steps of Downing street. Stop the division and try to heal the rifts that exist across the country. It feels more divided than ever.

Secondly, it is beyond doubt now that neoliberal policies do not work. Trickledown is a myth. Whilst many countries have become richer in terms of GDP through neoliberalism,  this has been on the back of growing inequality. Gaping inequality is the engine that drives dissatisfaction and most of the world’s woes. Such an approach Is unsustainable. Whilst absolute equality is impossible, greater equality must be strived for through fairer taxation and income distribution. Issues such as homelesness, in-work poor and the dramatic rise in food banks need to be addressed.

Thirdly and finally, can you try and put some sense of decency back into our politics. Please put a stop, where you can, to the dishonesty, the cheating, the rule and law breaking that was so obvious under the previous leader of the party. Our unwritten constitution has proved to be incapable of constraining the excesses of someone who does not play by the rules. Politics should be about people and policies rather than personalities. Clear lines of opinion have been opened at your first PMQ, which is good, as this country news constructive policies which can only come about through strong dialogue, argument, counter-argument and compromise.

As I said at the start of my letter, I wish you the best of luck.

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