I agree with the Daily Mail

Well, there’s a sentence I never thought I would write. It’s true, at least in part.

Last Friday’s headlines screamed ‘WHAT A FARCICAL WASTE OF TIME AND £460,000’ referring to the ongoing PartyGate scandal and the subsequent ‘investigation’ by the Metropolitan Police. The whole affair has without doubt been an incredible waste of time and national resource, when there are so many other things that deserve our attention.

Putting Johnny Depp, Amanda Heard and Wagathachristie aside, the country is facing a period of stagflation and penury, not to mention the climate crisis and war in Europe. Yet the Prime Minister’s dereliction of duty, undermining of the rule of law and all round deceit has occupied so much of our attention, despite the protestations of the majority of our Conservative supporting media.

Why? Because it is important. Without the rule of law there can be no democracy. Lawmakers should not be law breakers, especially when they are the ones who have created said laws. The fact that Johnson has been convicted of breaking COVID regulations though is not the issue. His persistent denial of any misdoings, despite growing evidence to the contrary and his misleading of Parliament are the real issues. 

The Liar in Chief is the very cause of the waste of time and money. He has made the PartyGate affair into a scandal. If, instead of denying that these things went on, he had admitted them to Parliament and defined the actions he is taking to resolve them then the chapter would have been closed by now. People would have been upset and angry, quite rightly but would have got over it. Instead we get lies and faux contrition.

How the Met has come up with a figure of nearly half a million pounds when only a dozen or so officers have been working on it is another issue.

As long as Johnson is in charge this issue is not going away. It speaks to his character. I, for one, have no intention of moving on (or buying the Daily Mail).

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