Law breakers

The Prime Minister broke the law, his own law, one that he banged on and on about at the almost nightly COVID briefings. Not that anyone was listening. Clearly he wasn’t .

The Chancellor broke the law, the same law as did almost fifty others. Downing Street is awash with law breakers.

The two most senior members of the government, led by the party of law and order are law breakers, technically not criminals as they have paid their fines and avoided going to court. What an irony.

Both the Prime Minister and the Chancellor lied to Parliament, repeatedly. Both denied any wrongdoing. Well, they would say that wouldn’t they. Johnson claims he didn’t know he was breaking the law but, even if ignorance was a defence, it would be a very weak one for the person who spelt it out to the nation.

In any normal time both ministers would have resigned, yet clearly we are not in normal times.

The world seems to have fallen into three camps, those that don’t care, those that are appalled (me included) and those that continue to support the Prime Minister. Even if they have to hold their noses to do so their support reeks of hypocrisy. One excuse given is that we are at war, which we aren’t and that the focus of the Prime Minister should be on defending democratic principles, the very principles his actions have brought into disrepute. 

We are no longer living in a democracy but rather an elected autocracy. Until this government lives up to the moral standards its electorate would expect, nothing will change. Can you imagine if the boot was on the other foot?

We should all be appalled.

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