I’ve never met him

Image thanks to Indy100

I’ve never met the Prime Minister and, to be honest, I hope I never do. My impression of him therefore comes only from the media. I get plenty of opportunities to create an impression of him as he is all over the media, traditional and social. I can’t turn on the television, open a newspaper or go on Twitter without seeing either him or something about him. He fills my echo chamber, much to my annoyance.

My impression is that he is morally bankrupt, a boor and a bully, filled with his own self interest, self importance and personal entitlement. I feel he cares little for anything other than himself. Of course I have no idea if this is really true.

He reminds me of the worst kind of person one would occasionally meet at university, loud, bombastic and conceited. At Newcastle they stuck out like a sore thumb, like a fish out of water, and I would certainly have found it difficult to mix with them.

His mien is wholly unsuitable for such a high office and it is showing, yet the Conservatives are holding on to him (currently) as he fills column inches.

He is a problem to deal with as he is a gift to journalism. In our increasingly presidential style of government, media appearance counts more than substance.  His outbursts, gaffs, law breaking and generally unacceptable behaviour are like manna from heaven when you have to fill a newspaper. You never know what he is going to do and this unpredictability makes sure he is never out of the limelight. 

He is character without a character, in that he provides amusement without any backbone. He is a soap opera, careering from one cliffhanger to another.

The country needs a leader with much greater gravitas and so does the Conservatove Party but as long as the circus is in town, he is going to be difficult to get rid of.

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