Happy New Year 2022

For the last four years now I have published my resolutions and looked back at what I had achieved in the year before. This year I am not going to but instead I will be going with one resolution.

Looking back on the year it has had some good bits and some not so good. The long shadow of COVID, hiding the longer shadow of Brexit made the year significantly worse than it could have been yet in many ways life carried on. The family had its usual run of illnesses yet has pulled through. Everyone has had a roof over their heads, food in their stomachs and have been surrounded by those that love them. What more could they need? 

I have been very busy at work, doing something that I hadn’t necessarily envisaged yet it has been exciting and challenging. Again some things have gone well while others less so. Nothing has been a disaster though. 

The months have certainly flown by.

Here is the point though. I have decided to try and stop worrying about myself in terms of achievements. Whatever the word actually means, whether I achieve anything or nothing doesn’t change me, the person. I am more than a list of ticked off activities on a spreadsheet, more than a set of notches on my virtual belt.

I know this will be hard. It doesn’t mean that I will stop trying or stop working hard or give up on the many things that I do but rather I will stop trying to measure myself against some unachievable and irrelevant goals. I’m not sure anyone cares anyway.

I’m going with only one resolution this year, one I can hopefully stick to: To be kinder to myself.

I hope you have a happy new year as well.

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