What I want on election day

Image thanks to Represent

Today, 40 million of us across the UK are able to cast our vote. In my neck of the woods there are three separate competitions, the County Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Town Council elections. Each may seem insignificant, just as my vote may seem, yet added together we have an opportunity to change the way the country is governed or not.

I have my own views of who I would like to see in positions of authority, yet, in the end, I am not that bothered who they are as long as they are elected fairly and freely to do what they promised to do.

On election day, therefore, what I want is to have elected politicians who:

  • Are open and honest, who don’t lie and cheat their way into power
  • Represent all of the people in their constituency and not just those in their circle or who have the same views on life as they do
  • Recognise the complexity of our world and are realistic about their own abilities to change the things around them
  • Stand up for those whose voices are difficult to hear and balance their needs against those who are more able to garner influence
  • Adhere to the Nolan principles of public life in spirit as well as word and are prepared to stand down if they or others find themselves wanting
  • Are transparent, as far as possible, in their political dealings. Showing their workings would be a great help.

I am not asking for a particular way of thinking or set of ideologies, nor am I asking for a particular colour of politics but rather a collaboration across the widest range of political thought.

This is not a lot to ask. Or is it?

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