Complain or condone

According to the Guardian, a recent poll suggests that ‘Almost four out of 10 voters think Boris Johnson and the Conservative party are corrupt.’ I find it amazing that the figure is so low. Day after day, new revelations of corrupt practices appear in the media yet so far they don’t seem to have stuck. 

Perhaps you are one of the six out of ten. If so then you must have some concern over Johnson’s affair with Arcuri and the syphoning off of public money. If not then the potentially illegal attempt to get conservative donors to pay for the refurbishment of the flat above Number 10 must niggle at the back of your mind. Perhaps the lobbying scandal with Cameron and Sunak, which resulted in the loss of millions of pounds of public money disturbs you. If not Johnson’s offer to fix it so that Dyson’s employees would avoid paying tax, an area that is outside the authority of the Prime MInister anyway, must rankle. Then of course there are the unpublished contracts and obvious cronyism surrounding the purchase of PPE, which must make you have doubts. The list goes on.

In my relatively long life, I have never seen a more openly corrupt government. It is not just that they are doing dodgy and illegal things, I’m sure most governments do, but how shameless they are about it. They are wearing their corruption like a badge. They seem unstoppable.

I have met people of many political persuasions. Indeed, some of my friends are Conservative voters and so I know that there are decent people among them. I have even met a few Conservtaive MPs and they too seem to be genuine in their approach to the role. I don’t understand then why they are not in uproar about what is going on. 

I can’t believe that they are so blind not to see the corruption and so must assume that they hold their tongue for political expediency. If so then they are just as guilty. By saying nothing against the blatant corruption they are in fact condoning it. They have become complicit in it. Turning a blind eye to corruption is corrupt.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

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