My duvet is too hot

Image thanks to Casper – other duvets are available

Feeling cold at night but get in a sweat when your duvet is too hot? Is your thermal insulance that bit too intensive? Do you suffer from furnace induced nightmares and wake up tog’d out in the morning? Your worries are over. Now you can enjoy restful and deeply refreshing nights with the all new ToggleTog* .

Using state of the art IoT sensors and sophisticated polarized microfibres, the ToggleTog duvet automatically alters the insulation of your bed covering. A downloadable app on your phone along with discrete and repositionable mountable sensors, monitor your body heat across critical areas throughout the night, carefully adjusting the direction of the microfibres to store or release heat as required. 

Over time the app builds up a picture of your sleep patterns, understanding the temperature at which your most refreshing sleep occurs and how your body temperature fluctuates throughout the sleep period. You can also program it to wake you up gently or to have that extra long lie in by gradually lowering or raising the temperature you are enjoying.

No more sleepless nights. Wake up refreshed and ready for your day ahead – every day with the all new ToggleTog*.

Warning, not to be used with an electric blanket. Two or more people sharing the same bed will require more than one duvet and device. Do not use while drinking hot liquids. There is no guarantee of a good night’s sleep as sleep patterns are affected by more than just temperature. 

*ToggleTog is not available in the shops.

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