Lovely postcards

Who doesn’t like to receive a postcard? I know I do. They remind me of places far away, with a hint of the exoitc and show that others are thinking about me. They are a topic that I have come back to time and time again throughout this blog running with several challenges and penning the word workation long before it became mainstream. At least that is what I tell myself.

I have received two postcards recently, both form people I have never met and am unlikely to in future. One was from Germany of a statue in Bielefeld and the other from Japan showing bridges and mountains in Hokkaido. I have also sent four, two to the United States, one to Russia and my latest to the Netherlands. 

Why? It all came about when I came across the idea of in The Big Issue. It’s quite simple. Once you have registered and agreed to abide by the rules, the site gives you a random address and a unique identifying number. You simply write some nice words on the postcard, just as you would with any other, along with the identifying number and send it to the address given. When you receive a postcard then you register it on the site using the identifying number and post an image of the picture isde of the card. 

It may sound silly or frivolous and in a way it is but what is wrong with being such once in a while. In these days of instant communication and social media it is nice to get a reminder of a different kind of message, one that takes time, has to be thought out and takes a bit of effort to complete.

I’m going to continue and I hope the idea continues to bloom. The only problem I am having however is getting postcards. It is winter and we are in the middle of a pandemic lockdown and picture postcards aren’t the easiest of things to find.

Anyway I must get off. I have a postcard to write.

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