Global Britain

Image thanks to Ian Taylor, Yorkshire Bylines

I am a remainer, a remoaner if you like. I make no secret of it. Everything that has happened over these last four and a half years has done nothing to change my mind. I recognise that my side of the argument lost and that a new plan is required. I am still a staunch believer in Europe, being European and see the European Union as the best game in town to get the disparate nations of the continent to work together in peace and with a degree of harmony.

I admit I can’t help feeling a little schadenfreude when I read of the problems that are going on across the borders. I recall the lies that were made, how any hint at a downside was dismissed as project fear and that, if I was being negative then I was either not patriotic or simply didn’t believe enough. Who wants to be patriotic anyway?

I do, however, feel genuine happiness when there is good news (I’m thinking Nissan at Sunderland here) even though I have the oidd stab in the back of my mind wondering what has been promised in order for companies to stay. 

You see, to me, back in 2016, this was never an economic question. If you don’t believe me then check back through my writing. Economics are going to have to fundamentally change if we are to meet our climate change objectives. Global free market trading is going to come under severe pressure as the real price of carbon is realised. Being part of one of the world’s largest trading blocks was an advantage but not the be all and end all.

No, my vote was cast on the hopes of a future where the continent works closer together and plays its part in making the world a fairer place. Most of the ails of the world can be traced back to European history and it is Europe that needs to provide the resources to right these wrongs. The European Union may be far from perfect but being inside the club gave us the opportunity to shape it rather than throw stones at it.

I want Britain to succeed, I want us to be world leading rather than beating. I want to see us as a country leading the way in climate change, social equality, law and order and democracy. I want us to be seen as a beacon of hope that the rest of the world will want to emulate.

Leaving the European Union will not help us achieve these aims any more easily, it may make them unnecessarily harder. We have a long way to go to be Global Britain.

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