Find a cure

Image thanks to Yale School of Health

It’s fantastic news that several vaccines have been found to address the COVID-19 pandemic. We are still a long way away from being in the clear but the pharmaceutical companies and science in general have made amazing strides forward in such a short space of time.

Interesting fact: All the COVID-19 in the world would fit into a teaspoon.

Unfortunately the vaccine hasn’t come quickly enough for the one and a half million people that have died as a consequence of the virus nor for those that will die over the period of vaccination. 

It’s amazing what has been achieved. We can now turn our thoughts to the other diseases that continue to kill people all the time yet do not hit the headlines.

In 2016, over one and a half million people died each from Tuberculosis, diarrhoea and lower respiratory infections. These aren’t just one year problems. out these diseases as they are communicable, just like the virus. These are every year problems yet I don’t recall the lockdowns for tuberculosis or not being able to go to the pub because of diarrhoea.  

Add to this list, all the other causes of death in excess of these numbers: Ischaemic heart disease, over 9 million; stroke, over 5 million, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, over 3 million. There are others. People in developing countries must wonder what is going on in the developed nations.

COVID-19 has shown how humanity can move mountains when the will is there. We should celebrate the enormous step forward that has been made but we cannot and should not rest on our laurels thinking that the work is done. 

Of course, the biggest killer of humanity is poverty. The spread of so many diseases and the underlying cause of so many conditions is poverty related. So far, though we haven’t found a cure and if I was a cynic I would say that this is because rich people don’t fall victim to poverty. 

I will keep my fingers crossed that one day…

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