The (American) people have spoken

Ingae thanks to Electoral Integirty Projet

It looks like the American Election is drawing to a close. There has been the highest electoral turnout ever which is quite something. To be honest though I don’t understand how anyone can have voted for Trump, yet over seventy million people did. 

Once again though, the two party system has highlighted that you have very little choice at all. In effect, even though there were well over a thousand candidates for the Presidency you had a choice either to  vote Trump, vote Biden or not vote at all. 

Already the media is telling us why, what made people vote the way they did and what this means. Of course they have no idea why anyone voted, and there was certainly no concerted effort to decide how the country should carve the votes up. Here are some reasons why people may have voted for Trump:

  1. They always vote republican 
  2. They like what trump says
  3. Their family vote republican and they didn’t want to break rank
  4. They believe Trump understands them
  5. They don’t like Biden
  6. They don’t want a woman in power 
  7. They vote for the youngest candidate
  8. They play golf
  9. They never vote democratic 
  10. They are a misogynist 
  11. They are racist
  12. Their friends vote republican and they wanted to stay in with them
  13. They think trump did a good job 
  14. They are a white supremacist 
  15. They thought Trump  must be good because he’s rich
  16. Trump can play the system
  17. They think Trump is a powerful man
  18. They thought Trump was good on the telly
  19. Their family vote democratic and they wanted to rebel
  20. Trump stands up to other world leaders
  21. Biden is a communist
  22. Biden is a socialist
  23. God told them to vote Trump
  24. Facebook told them to vote Trump
  25. They think Trump is funny 
  26. Biden is unamerican
  27. Trump gets things done 
  28. They tossed a coin and Trump won
  29. They tried one potato, two potatoes 
  30. They tried eeny meeny miny mo
  31. They put a pin in the paper
  32. They took a guess
  33. They took a punt
  34. They thought it was unamerican not to vote for the president
  35. They asked Paul the Octopus, what he thought (I know he’s dead)
  36. They marked the wrong box
  37. They can’t read
  38. They were afraid of what might happen if Trump didn’t get back in
  39. Twitter told them to vote Trump
  40. They like Melania
  41. They own a red hat
  42. They already had a Trump bumper sticker
  43. They made a binary choice
  44. etc.

There are probably as many reasons why people vote as there are voters. Nobody, other than the person who votes, knows why they did so. Don’t fall for the media’s analysis.

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