A trip to Morrissons

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Another sign of my advancing years is that I like to get to Morrissons by seven o’clock in the morning, just as it is supposed to open, though there are always people coming out as I go in. I can’t be bothered with the queues or a shop full of people and I am often home before others are thinking of leaving for work.

I have always felt I have had to hold my nose however when shopping in Morrisons. In the past, it has strayed too far over the line into Brexit territory at times for my taste but It’s the only big supermarket in my hometown. Whether or not it is necessarily my first choice is by the by, convenience has taken over.

When I get to the till I always end up having a conversation with the person who is working there and today it was someone that I had never seen before. He told me he had been working there for more than a year and so I was surprised that our paths had not crossed. Perhaps he normally does the later shifts.

He was well spoken, breaking one of my prejudices about the store, and went on to tell me how good a place Morrisons was to work, breaking another prejudice, especially in the way that it treats its people, both employees and customers. This certainly seems to have changed since one of my daughters worked there. He told me how he had worked at another large supermarket chain and how they had treated everyone just as a number and he put the transformation at Morrisons down to the influence of the new chief executive (David Potts, I looked it up on the Internet).

It was a refreshing start to my day. How often do you hear people saying how good the company is to them? How often do you hear people say that this is down to a conscious effort by senior management?

I always prefer to spend my money with organizations that share similar values to me and, following today’s encounter I can move Morrisons from my reluctant to acceptable list of businesses.

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