A month in lockdown – M is for making plans

M2020The A-Z blogging challenge is quite straightforward, blog everyday in April, except Sundays, with subjects that follow the alphabet. It’s all a bit of fun. My subject is ‘A month in lock down’.

M is for making plans. I can’t wait for this lockdown to end and life to return to some sort of normality. I suspect though that it will be several weeks before anything changes and many months before we get back to something like we remember. We may see several waves of infection before a vaccine is successful and so the next year or so may keep some form of social distancing in place.

Many people are in the same boat though. Unless you are a key worker you will be stuck at home, staring at the faces of friends and family online and trying to fill the time between meals (planning for the next meal is occupying a lot of my time now but I think this is the way that men measure the day anyway).

Having said that time is passing relatively quickly. I haven’t got to the end of my jobs list yet and so there is still plenty to do. I’m not sure how things will be once I finish them however. 

My thoughts though are turning to what we are going to do when the restrictions are lifted. This is the topic of many a conversation and it feels like one of those wish lists when thinking about winning the lottery or being famous. Only this time, our aspirations are more limited. Mine are quite simple, to hug my daughters and granddaughter and go and have a coffee and a scone in a cafe. Oh yes, and get a haircut!

These are the things I took for granted prior to the pandemic and now I realise what luxuries they are. Everyday I am making plans.

Stay safe.

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