A month in lockdown – H is for home


The A-Z blogging challenge is quite straightforward, blog everyday in April, except Sundays, with subjects that follow the alphabet. It’s all a bit of fun. My subject is ‘A month in lock down’.

H is for home, a place I know and love but am spending a lot more time in than I had planned. Our house is nice, nothing flash and certainly big enough for the two of us. It was bought at a time when the whole family lived here and now we are empty-nesters, like many on the estate.

You would not think so at times. People who live together are not meant to be together every single minute of the day and finding time away from each other is proving to be essential. Getting the balance right is a challenge and one which we will need to keep working at. 

When we are together it can be irritating yet when we are apart it can be lonely.

My wife is not used to me being at home all day and it must be particularly trying for her to have me in her space all the time. She does point this out to me more regularly than perhaps is needed. This is a good signal for a short period of separation!

Spending time at home has also highlighted all those little jobs that need doing. The DIY shops are closed and so getting the stuff you need is almost impossible and so only those jobs for which you have the fixtures, fittings and paint in the house can be started. You never know, I might even get round to painting the skirting boards. After all, they do need doing.

Stay home, stay safe.

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