Asking about #130story


I first wrote about #130story back in January 2018 by which time the idea was already over three years old. I am writing about it again as a number of people have asked me about it, presumably on the back of my attempts. I felt it would be good to help cast the net wider.

James, its creator, is a friend of mine and I have been contributing to his idea ever since picking up on it. It’s a simple but brilliant concept, born in the days when twitter allowed only 140 characters, which is to write a story containing 130 characters, with the final ten taken up with the hashtag. Everyday a new word is posted on the twitter feed and the story has to relate to that word. Now that Twitter allows 280 characters it has become a little easier. 

It’s just a bit of fun, though you can take it seriously or not. I take part two or three times a week and follow a number of other contributors. Over time, each of us tends to follow their own track and write a serial involving the same theme or players. In the main I write about Tom and Sandra, an imaginary (!) married couple living in a suburban backwater. 

I have no idea where I get my inspiration, if that is not too bloated a thing to call it. When I see the word, I try to imagine a conversation in which that word comes up. If the situation is ironic or amusing then that is good, while if it resonates with the experience of others it is even better. 

At times it can be a challenge to weave the word into a very short story yet helps me, I believe, in honing any skills I need, should I have any pretensions of becoming a writer, which is why I got started in the first place.

You should give it a go, we all have it in us.

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