Tomorrow is a sad day IMHO

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For me and many others, tomorrow is going to be a sad day. Our last in the European Union, for the time being at least. Ever the optimist!

Others, I am sure, will be celebrating. You may be one of them.

It was never an economic argument to me but I don’t understand leaving one of the three largest trading blocs in the world to become a relative economic minnow.

I have never understood our obsession with the United States of America but our aversion to a united states of Europe.

I cannot square the accusation that the EU is undemocratic from a country that lacks many of the basic components of a functioning democracy.

I can’t fathom what control we are taking back nor do I get the obsession with fish.

I don’t want to live in Singapore on Thames and I have no truck with English nationalism.

The argument may be lost but the fight goes on.

On Feb 1st I will still be a European!

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