Starting from the middle

I started with the soap powders.

One of the beauties of being semi-retired is that on some days I get to do what I want. This can mean going out for a coffee, reading a book, visiting somewhere interesting or even picking up a hobby. Some things are good when the weather is fine, I have even been known to do the garden at times, while others are better when it is more inclement.

Now I have blogged about jigsaws on several occasions yet they fit nicely into the rainy day category and are, at times, a useful metaphor for thinking about life and all that.

I know that there are many jigsaw people out there and like most I have, (or had) a system when attacking a new puzzle. I would start with the corners and edges. Once these were arranged I would have a good idea of the size and layout of the jigsaw and could then start to fill in the rest.

My wife questioned my approach and it has made me alter my tactics. She said that she would just start anywhere and work out from there. I have given it a go.

Rather then start with the edges, I have looked for some feature within the picture and sorted the pieces that looked like they would be a part of that. I have started to build the jigsaw from the inside out rather than the other way around. It has been a different challenge and even more interesting. It feels more organic, the image builds without boundaries, there are differing pockets of activity that come together in time.

It may sound like a minor change but the whole process is now less bound by convention. My jigsaws have been liberated. They are more of a challenge and I have a renewed sense of enjoyment when doing them.

I should listen to my wife more often. I have gone guerrilla.

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