Addicted to news


The world seems to be in turmoil. On both sides of the Atlantic political stories are peeling like an onion. With every new twist and turn I become more and more hooked. I just can’t help it. They are also reducing me to tears.

I’ve tried to give up watching the news. Recently it has been too depressing and was getting me down. I have given up on the main BBC news, in part because of this but also in part due to their perceived bias. In my opinion, in their clamour to remain impartial they are giving airtime to a string of freaks and extremists. I also blame them in part for some of the mess we are in but that is another story.

I’m sure they are smarting from my boycott. I still watch their local news though.

It’s no good. In my attempt to avoid the BBC, I have landed on Channel 4 news. It gives me an hour long and in depth fix. The presenters have more time to unpick a story and the deeper they go the greater is my feeling of revulsion and hopelessness yet the greater is my need to hear more. I sit their wide-eyed, gasping in astonishment, becoming more frustrated at my inability to influence events. I am a mere observer but cannot tear myself away.

It is like a car crash. I don’t want to look but am drawn in.

I am having the same problem with twitter. My addiction is causing me to read more an more stories about what is going on. Of course the more I read, the algorithms make sure I am sent more. I follow people who are equally addicted and they follow me back. That is how social media works.

I am hopelessly trapped by my cravings.

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