7 days


This year I avoided ‘The A-Z Blogging Challenge’. I thought about it for a few weeks before hand and even had what I was going to talk about mapped out, yet in the end I simply lacked the motivation. At times I feel I am over-committed and the prospect of having to write for 26 days in the month was just too much.

I thought then that I was over with this kind of challenge but when Sharon challenged me to ‘7 days in black and white’, I couldn’t resist. The challenge sounds easy enough: take and tweet a photograph of something that represents your day, only it has to be in black and white, with no people in the picture and you can’t include any narrative in your tweet.

Ironically, I cannot resist blogging about what I ended up doing:

Day 1: A picture of some post it notes on flip chart paper stuck to a wall. I had been leading a process workshop in one of my customers.

DAy 2: A picture of the lavatera in our garden. I spent a bit of the day, being semi-retired picking up leaves and generally tidying up. We have a lavatera that dominates the garden. It’s pink trumpet flowers are very beautiful but it drops its seed heads, which my wife calls bubbles, all over the place.

Day 3: Another work day and this time a picture of the glasswork in the roof of the business department building at Northumbria University. This is where we will be hosting the opening event of #CyberFest in September.

Day 4: A picture of the view from Tees Valley Combined Authority where I am coming to the end of a current contract. Fingers crossed I may win some more business.

Day 5: A picture of Northumberland Cheese Company. What better way to spend some time having a cup of coffee and a scone in the cafe above where they make the cheese.

Day 6: I don’t buy much stationery but needed some permanent markers. A picture of the display.

DAy 7: A picture of our conservatory roof. It needed cleaning and so I started before it got too hot.

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