Not every office

I never did get to work in every office in Durham County Hall.  It was one of the things that I did not get to achieve.  I left the Council before I had completed my mission.  I gave it a good go though.  I was there right until the end.  I will not be too distraught.  I will get over it.

floor plans
Not County Hall

The exact number of rooms within the big old building was difficult to calculate.  No one knew the exact number.  All the rooms were numbered by the window arrangements and most floors followed a similar pattern, starting at one and ending up with either one hundred and fifty or one hundred and fifty five.

WIthin each floor though the combination of room settings was unique.  Some were virtually all single or small offices while others had far more open plan spaces.

There are six main floors and by the time you have added in the basement, the canteen area and the newish extension by where the bank used to be, I reckon there are as many as nine hundred and twenty six.  What does it matter and who is going to argue with me anyway?

I kept a little spreadsheet.  It listed all of the floors and the room numbers.  I coloured the room numbers in yellow if I had been there and blue if they were still unconquered.  In total I had worked in sixty nine per cent of the rooms with two hundred and eighty seven still to go.  I was way past the halfway mark.

I had completed two of the main floors and two of the smaller ones.  I was very close to ticking off two of the other main floors (I marked a done floor in red) but it was where legal and the social services resided that I struggled the most.  There it is more difficult to blag your way into their space.  Things are less communal there.

Soon the building will come down and it will be only memories.  I will be able to tell my grandchildren of the great adventure I had been on and how I had not quite reached the summit.  I tried yet failure is a thing not a person.

Why?  I did it because it was there.

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