26 Deadly sins Z is for Zealot

This is my last entry for this year’s A to Z blogging challenge.  I think it is the fourth year I have been involved.  I enjoy trying to come up with something different, yet the same, every day and the challenge reminds me of my enthusiasm for writing even if it is not that good.  That is not the point.  Everyone has something to say.  I am already thinking about next year’s theme.

Z is for Zealot.  I am blogging on a Sunday. Surely, blogging on a Sunday is not a sin yet there will be many people who believe it is so. A zealot is a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals.  Some people hold that Sunday is the Lord’s Day while others revere a Saturday or a Friday.

Sometimes we need to be clear and strong in pursuit of what we hold dear.  Everyone should live by their own values yet, for me, the future of all mankind is through collaboration and co-creation.  This requires good old fashioned compromise and you cannot do that if you are a zealot.

There are a lot of zealots about.  If you look at the synonyms for zealot, such as fanatic, extremist, radical, militant, then you will realise that the media is filled with them every day.  At the bottom of most of the world’s problems lies zealotry.

The sin of a zealot is not in their commitment or enthusiasm but their unwillingness to consider other opinions.  They cannot agree to disagree.  There is one way and that is the zealot’s way. They have seen the true light.  They are following the true path.

There is no such thing as truth, only perception and probability.

I hope you have enjoyed my foray into the sins of the modern world.  There is nothing really new under the sun.  Man has sinned from the start and there is no sign of this abating any time soon.

Let those without sin cast the first stone.

Thou shalt let others do their own thing.

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