26 Deadly sins I is for Indulgence

Seven deadly sins is so last fortnight.  There are just so many more things that we can misuse our time with.  Some of today’s sins are very new while others are variants on something very old.  Over the month of April, as part of the A-Z blogging challenge, I am going to bring the list up to date with my suggested 26 modern deadly sins.

I is for indulgence.  We have become an indulgent lot.  We are more than happy to be overly generous or lenient to people, especially our offspring and even more so to ourselves.  We have become indulgent parents and we have become self-indulgent.  What used to be outright luxury has now become common place.  Everyone has to have en en-suite.  Everyone simply must have the latest iPhone.  Everyone is somehow deserving.

I deserve this glass of wine.  I have earned this holiday.  If you can’t spoil your kids then who can you spoil?  These are the modern day mantras of an over indulged generation.

We need to get over ourselves.   We are not talking about human rights here.  With much of the world lacking basic amenities such as water, food and shelter we need to put things in perspective.  With over sixty million people in refugee camps around the world, a number approaching the equivalent population of the United Kingdom, we need to realise that the so-called first world problems are really not important at all.

Stop indulging yourself and focus on the important things in life.  As Marshall Goldsmith put it, ‘Here’s a quarter, ring someone who cares!’

You may want but you don’t deserve, nor have you earned it.  It is your choice to over indulge or not.

Thou shalt not be indulgent.

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