26 Deadly sins E is for Exercise Bunnies

Why stick with seven deadly sins when there are so many things we could get up to?  Life is just too busy to stick with such a small number.  There are so many more things that you can do these days which are sinful.  Some are just naughty and some are downright evil.  They are all modern takes on ancient phenomena.  Over the coming month as part of the A-Z blogging challenge, I am going to bring the list up to date with my suggested 26 modern deadly sins.

E is for Exercise Bunnies.  A lot of people go to the gym these days.  I don’t.  I have my figure to keep up.  Going to the gym allows people to work off the mental stresses of modern living though physical exercise that our sedentary jobs don’t allow.  There is at least one gym in every town.  Going to them is not a sin.

What is a sin however is to parade around the streets in your gym ware.  Lycra is not suitable for a stroll around town yet you see these exercise bunnies in every high street.  People either going, or worse coming from a session at the gym.  All of these establishments have changing facilities.  All of them have showers.  There is no need to wear your attire either before or after your session.

By wearing it outside the gym you are filling yourself with the smug satisfaction that somehow you are fitter, more toned and healthier than those around you.  By wearing your sweaty PE kit you are telling the world that you have put in the effort while we have not.  You care about your wellbeing and the rest of us are just slobs.

Get over yourselves.

Thou shalt not wear exercise clothes in town centres.

2 thoughts on “26 Deadly sins E is for Exercise Bunnies

  1. I think you are just feeling guilty for your own lack of effort and consideration of your own future health, and just don’t want to be reminded of it. Concentrate on your own life and stop judging others.

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