26 Deadly sins B is for Binge

Why stick with seven deadly sins when there are so many things we could get up to?  Life is just too busy to stick with such a small number.  Seven is just so last year.  Over the coming month as part of the A-Z blogging challenge, I am going to bring the list up to date with my suggested 26 modern deadly sins.  Fess up if these are something you do.

B is for binge.  Everyone is doing it.  Binge drinking, binge watching, binge exercise, binge whatever.  What happened to everything in moderation?  It is not enough.

Nowadays we have tA2Z-BADGE-100 [2017]o cram it all in, feast or famine, boom or bust, come hell or high water.  Out goes a little of what you fancy does you good and in comes fill your boots.  Pour it down your neck until you can’t stand up.  Gorge yourself until you are sick.  Watch boxsets around the clock until your eyes bleed.  Work the cross-trainer until your limbs burn.

But now you can binge on anything.  Binge yourself on excess.

This can’t be right.  It is a sin, not because we can but because we do.  We have so much of everything at our disposal and we gormandize on the opportunity.  Binge is the new gluttony.

Though shalt not indulge in bouts of excessive indulgence.

One thought on “26 Deadly sins B is for Binge

  1. I have a confession. I’ve just binged on your blog posts. I’d read most of them but not all so I’ve re-read them all while we’re basking at Z. Brilliant job. Loved your theme and well done on completing this years A-Z while commenting on so many others too. See you again next year if not before.

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