Creative nights

It is a long time since I’ve been to Tuxedo Junction.  In truth it is a long time since I’ve been to any nightclub but in its day it was the place to be seen. In the age before the mobile, the club had telephones on the tables with which you could chance your arm, or at least your finger, over a ‘liaison dangereuse’.  The late seventies were heady times.

Newcastle’s favourite late night haunt was located on the corner of Market Street and John Dobson Street in a building now occupied by Breeze Creatives.  It has taken me a little while to get there but this is the purpose of my tale.

When Jason and I were talking about Creative F
use he said that I must meet up with Zoe which is how I ended up in the exhibition and gallery space on the eighth flo
or of what was once prime office space in the city. T
he building is filled with over a hundred fledgling businesses and creative workshops, with people at the start of their careers or those who wish to spend some time doing more creative work.

All are loosely related to the creative arts, if you include someone who fashions kitchen knives as well as the final year students from a local art college.  It is the mix of skills and ideas that provide the creative spark that helps these individuals and buswp_20170214_13_20_58_proinesses flourish.  Collaboration and co-creation is the future of all industry. Perhaps they are the future of all creativity as well.

Breeze Creatives’ business model is an interesting one. They work in the space between the end of the buildings commercial life and its eventual demolition and replacement.  It allows the property developers to offset business rates on a building they would otherwise not be able to let, while offering small organisations low-cost, city-centre space.  Once their business is able to stand on its own two feet, they must leave and find more appropriate accommodation.

It is a very inspiring and exciting venture and I am interested in finding out if something similar exists within Durham.  The opportunity to create a fuse has enormous potential.

By the way I never did get to see the club again.  Apparently it is still being used as an occasional space but it is best not to try and relive your youth.  I must say though that the views from the roof of the building were spectacular.  Better than my photography.

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