Lighting a fuse

Every so often I come across something new that I would like to get involved in.  The phrase ‘every so often’ is an under-exaggeration as there are always new things to uncover and if you are like a magpie, as I am, there are always shiny new things to peck away at.  Saying no is more of a problem.  My interests expand to fit the time available.  As a type seven personality, getting to enjoy an outcome is what I need to work on.

My latest discovery is Creative Fuse.  To be fair, I didn’t discover it but rather Jason discovered me.  Catherine suggested we should get together and sure enough we did.  This is the way the world works.

I have been interested in the relationship between creativity and technology for some time.  I have blogged about it before.  A lot of the creative arts are developed on technology and there is a great opportunity to expand this further.

For some reason we talk about the creative sector as if it is something different from the business sector.  Can we really believe that industry does not create and that creative people are not industrial?  Surely not yet, it is my firm belief that industries of the future need to be more creative and creative people need more help in monetising their ideas.

We need to fuse the two sectors together.

Jason and I had a fascinating conversation about how we could make this happen.  I told him about our Smart Stanley work and the upcoming Smart City event planned for Durham, which led me to think about the role of the creative arts in developing these ideas further.  Would it help to bring a different set of perspectives to our issues?  One way of solving a problem is to see from another angle.

Jason gave me a few contacts.  I’m off to light a fuse.

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