Will we ever lose our love affair with the car?

I am writing this while making my way to work on public transport.  I have had to leave the car at home as I am wanting to have a couple of drinks later as one of the team is leaving.  It is a journey by train and bus and will take me about twice as long as driving.  I haven’t been on a bus for years.

Despite all of the hassle, driving is just too convenient.

Last week we were talking about the parking arrangements for the new civic centre.  Parking is always an area of contention.  Very few people, if any come to County Hall and use the park and ride.  Car sharing has got worse as flexible working has increased.  When the building was opened everyone would start at the same time, have their lunch at the same time and go home at the same time.  Car sharing was so much easier and so much more prevalent.  Nearly everyone came with someone else.  I guess car ownership was much less then as well.  The building was opened in 1963

It’s not a question of money though.  I run a fairly cheap car, at something between 20p and 25p per mile all in.  For short journeys public transport wins marginally yet on longer journeys, not including the cost of time, the car wins hands down.  If you have a passenger, then there is no comparison.  If you add the fact that once you have a car you pay irrespective of whether you use it or not any calculations of relative costs go out of the window.  They are very hard.

I enjoyed my trip in.  I was able to work on my phone most of the way and it was relatively hassle free.  It wasn’t raining mind you.  The issue is however, that having a car is just too convenient and people are prepared to pay a huge premium for such luxury. Even free public transport may not be enough of an incentive to give up our love of the car.

Parp, parp!

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